About Us

With nearly 600,000 active and retired members, the IAM represents workers in trades such as healthcare, automotive, DoD contractors, and more! We have members that are nonprofit employees, electricians, railway track-workers, crime scene evidence technicians, yoga instructors, and even life guards. And of course, our newest member, YOU!

  • We’re members of the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers Union, founded in 1888 by 19 railroad machinists during a secret meeting in a locomotive pit. 
  • IAM has 600,000+ members across North America.
  • Our union is part of the AFL-CIO, which is the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations. The AFL-CIO combines the power of 56 unions and nearly 12.5 million working Americans to fight to improve the lives of working people in the US.
  • The IAM’s central headquarters is called our ‘Grand Lodge’. 
  • We’re divided into 7 Territories, and we’re part of the Western Territory. 
  • Each Territory is composed of Districts, and we’re members of IAM District 160, headquartered in Seattle. 
  • District 160 represents 4,000+ IAM union members and retirees across Washington & Alaska and is actively growing as we organize new members. 
  • Our District is led by a Directing Business Representative, and has five other Business Representatives who are on staff full-time and hired by the union to represent us. 
  • The District also oversees and provides staff support to our Local Lodges. 
  • District 160 represents members of Local Lodges 79 and 289 in Seattle, 1690 in Anchorage, 282 in Bremerton, 695 in Olympia, 297 in Tacoma, 130 in Everett, and 2379 in Ferndale. 
  • ‘The International’, or ‘Grand Lodge’ keeps us informed of national issues affecting our jobs and our industries.  
  • When unions stand together, we can win fights like protecting American jobs from bad trade deals, that would be harder to win alone or impossible to win as individuals.
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